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Artist and citizen of the world.

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A unique mural design...

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“The freedom to imagine, create and distribute diverse cultural expressions where independence artists obtain to create art freely without limitation”

"Iron workers on a lunch time"


Recreating the famous photograph taken on 1932
of 11 iron workers sitting on a steel beam during the construction of the Rockefelle Center “Lunch atop a Skyscraper seating in a beam”


A Multifaceted Artist

A passionate, creative, enthusiastic, inventive and professional with extensive experience and excellent eye for details. She makes anything that calls to her, which can be painting the bottom of a swimming pool, a ten-foot mixed-media artwork, a 8000 sq. ft mural, build furnitures with salvaged materials or a life size sculpture and more. Always attracted to colors and to the nature. Started creating art at a young age with a sustainable, versatile, geometry and equestrian form of art, but colors remain her true obsession...

What people say?

It was more than a pleasure working with Daniela on my latest event! She executed a live mural painting activation which she conceptualized, sketched, and painted. She was able to weave her own unique artistic style into a branded campaign incorporating my client's brand guidelines. She took my event to the next level and I will be working with her on future projects! Thanks again, Daniela

Melissa M

I love my mural ! Daniela is very professional I definitely recommend her. Thank you Daniela for all your hard work Thank you

Diana T

I had her do a live event in chicago at the nightclub prysm. She painted while people danced and drank behind her. She’s a great talent.

Nicholas B.

Colorful ART for the word


One of a kind


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