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Art piece- Re-construction


*Re-construction 2023

“Hidden inside myself” 2017- Transformed in a need piece

Mixed techniques

Acrylic, concrete & oil on Black Canvas

80 x 58 Inches

“Every day we reconstruct ourselves out of the salvage of our yesterdays”-DSV

"Re-construction 2023" is a captivating piece of mixed media art that measures 80 x 58 inches. This striking artwork combines the intricate use of acrylic cast and oil on a black canvas, creating a mesmerizing interplay of light and shadow. The artist, inspired by the power of black as the source of depth, invites viewers to contemplate the complexity of human experience and self-transformation.

The artwork's title, "Re-construction 2023," sets the stage for a profound exploration of the human journey. The accompanying narrative speaks to the inevitability of personal challenges and difficulties, showcasing the artist's desire to convey a universal message. In this composition, the artist underscores the importance of confronting and embracing these challenges, encouraging viewers to choose their response to adversity.

The fusion of colors and textures in the artwork mirrors the multifaceted nature of life's obstacles. The use of black symbolizes the shadowy depths of human experience, while hints of vibrant color signify the transformative potential that lies within these difficulties. The piece invites us to reflect on the power of gratitude, self-discovery, and resilience, urging us to take an active role in our own reconstruction.

"Re-construction 2023" is a visual masterpiece that not only captivates the eye but also resonates with the depths of the human soul, encouraging us to confront our challenges, find strength within, and ultimately embark on a journey of personal reconstruction.


Hand Made
Hand Painted

Hand Wash
Hand washing

Do Not Wring
Don't Squeeze

Art piece- Re-construction