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Daniela Sanchez Vegas, a Citizen of the World, was born in Caracas, Venezuela, and currently resides and works in Miami, Florida, USA. Daniela's artistic journey began at a young age, driven by an attraction to vibrant colors. Her work spans various subjects, from versatile geometry to equestrian themes, but the use of color remains her true obsession. Her art focuses on mixed media, pop art, and street art.

Her artwork is defined by ecological responsibility, positivity, and flexibility. While living in Costa Rica from 2007 to 2016, Daniela founded "Re-Inventando Muebles Ecologicos," which translates to "Re-Invented Ecological Furniture." This company quickly gained recognition in Costa Rica for its innovative merging of artistic and ecological approaches to furniture design, giving new life to materials otherwise deemed salvage.

Daniela's art has been featured in several exhibitions across Miami, California, and New York. She actively undertakes commissions for a variety of commercial and private clients. She holds a degree in Social Communication from the University Santa María Caracas, Venezuela (2006), and a graphic design degree from the University U-creativa in San Jose, Costa Rica (2010). After moving to the United States in 2016, she explored different artistic expressions, gaining valuable experience as an artist assistant to renowned artists Sergio Furnari and Roman Feral in sculpture, ceramics, fine art, and contemporary art.

A professional artist with over 15 years of experience, Daniela has a keen eye for detail and an extraordinary record of client satisfaction. She excels in managing multiple projects simultaneously and works both independently and collaboratively. Her expertise spans various mediums, including drawing, painting, sculpture, tiles, furniture design, murals, fashion, and performance art.

In 2021, Daniela completed a collection of large-scale paintings titled "The Beginning of Awake Awareness." Despite the challenges of the pandemic, she created a meaningful art collection, which she later converted into NFTs, integrating her work into the digital art world.

Recently, Daniela has been expanding her knowledge of sculptures, murals, public art, and large hand-painted swimming pools. Her notable public artworks include:

  • 2023-2024: Creation of numerous murals and artworks, and winning a residency at MIFA (Miami International Fine Arts), where she established her art studio and extended her knowledge with mixed media art classes.
  • 2023: Completed a public art hand-painted aluminum cat sculpture for the Maurice Ferré Park, Dog’s and Cat’s Walkway, with the City of Miami and the Bay Front Park administration.
  • 2019-2022: Life-size sculptures displayed in public spaces in New York, Missouri, Miami, Guatemala, Canada, and China.
  • 2018-2020: Experimental artworks of hand-painted ceramic murals for swimming pools across the USA, Bahamas, Guatemala, Mexico, and Italy.

Based on her extensive portfolio, Daniela demonstrates her artistic talent, creativity, self-promotion, perseverance, and excellent project management skills. She continually seeks opportunities to have her art featured in more public spaces, aspiring to enrich communities with her vibrant and joyful creations.

Active, exhibiting artist with an extensive portfolio of work available upon request.

An artist always creating.


I am a proudly self-taught and multifaceted artist on a quest for what I call Artistic Freedom. "Create with no boundaries" is not just a motto for me; it's a way of life. Throughout my career, I have embraced a diverse array of media, constantly pushing the limits of innovation and creativity.

My art defies categorization, blending elements of abstract, pop art, street art and contemporary styles. Whether I'm crafting intricate geometric patterns or capturing the essence of a portrait, versatility is the hallmark of my work. I refuse to confine myself to any single medium; my canvas ranges from the bottom of swimming pools to expansive murals, from towering sculptures to salvaged material, art paintings and furniture pieces.

What sets my art apart is its boldness—a vibrant explosion of color, form, and expression that ignites inspiration and joy in those who encounter it. I eschew the pretentiousness of "art speak," preferring to let my creations speak for themselves. My mission is simple: to infuse the world with art that celebrates life's beauty and leaves a lasting legacy of positivity.

Nature serves as my greatest muse, guiding my artistic vision and fueling my passion for ecological responsibility. I am committed to using eco-friendly materials and practices in my work, honoring the planet that inspires me.

As I continue on my artistic journey, I aspire to see my creations grace more public spaces, enriching communities with their vibrancy and spirit. Through each stroke of my brush and every sculpted form, I seek to uplift hearts, ignite imaginations, and leave a colorful imprint on the world.

Endorsing artistic freedom, embracing boundless creativity, and spreading joy—one masterpiece at a time.

A Multifaceted Artist

Art speak where words are unable to explain, Art is an emotion! -DSV-