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Art Sketch deposit



* Let's start by having a conversations to discuss subject matter. We would also talk about colors, ideas, message, etc

*I would then provide you with a quote. 

*If decision is to move forward, a design deposit of $500 is collected. This design deposit is non refundable but $200 will be credited towards the cost of mural.

*Digital Sketch: A digital sketch of the mural is created for your approval.

*Production Plan: Once production plan is discussed. At this point 50% of total cost would be collected.

*Mural Production: Time for me to paint! And whalaa. A master piece is created.

Average art commissioned piece costs range from $2 to $3 x square Inches Approximately.

Also can be sculptures, live painting and different other artistic jobs… Let’s create a world full of art! 

If you have the size of the wall I can give you a free estimate for this cool project.

One of my passion it’s create and beautify our surrounding...Let’s inspire people around us.  LET'S DISCUSS YOUR artistic PROJECT!


Hand Made
Hand Painted

Hand Wash
Hand washing

Do Not Wring
Don't Squeeze

Art Sketch deposit