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Are we hidden some meaning?

  Colors are the quintessential part of life. It is no wonder that Art plays a significant role in the life of man. Even a grey scale piece of art symbolizes a mood, or an emotion. Art as an abstraction is used in all aspects of life whether in dressing up for a meeting or a party, or plating up one’s favorite meal. We do not often think about it but colors have a way of setting or creating a mood like happiness or melancholy; and even in invoking emotions like love, sympathy, anger, and even regret. How to decipher the hidden meanings of colors Generally, dark colors convey dark or dangerous moods whereas light colors or tinges of dark colors convey more joyous or pleasurable moods. Black for instance can be used to convey death or fear but it can also be used to convey strength and resolution. Pink on the other hand conveys romance, gullibility, or feminine delicateness but dirty crimson conveys deceit and duplicity. Blue can convey coolness, and peace; and used right, can convey sadness. Colors have several hidden meanings emerging from cultural and religious aspects, societal acceptance and individual preferences. A study of colors on the VIBGYOR spectrum will give a general idea of how different colors impact the mood of the viewer. Violet has the highest deviation on a prism surface and creates an atmosphere of grandeur and opulence. Red on the other hand has the lowest deviation in the spectrum and signifies danger, lust, excitement and other feelings that are intense or high strung. Darker shades of green convey jealousy where as the lighter tinges convey freshness and novelty.