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Biography Daniela Sanchez Vegas
A Citizen of the World. Was born in Caracas, Venezuela, and is currently living and working in Miami, Florida, USA. Always attracted to colors, started painting and creating art at a young age. From time to time the vary of subject matter with a Versatile, geometry or some equestrian art, but colors and create remain her true obsession. Her artwork is defined by ecological responsibility, positivity, and flexibility.
In addition to her personal art practice, she’s been an entrepreneur as well—while living in Costa Rica 2007-2016, Daniela created “Re-Inventando muebles ecologicos” which translates to “Re-invented ecological furniture.” This company became quickly recognized in Costa Rica due to its merging of artistic and ecological approaches to designing furniture. Through this company, she gives new life to materials that otherwise have been categorized as salvaged or reclaimed materials.
Daniela’s artwork has been included in several exhibitions in Miami, California and New York to date and she actively does commissions, as well, for a variety of commercial and private clients.
She earned a degree in Social Communication from the University Santa María Caracas, Venezuela, in 2006, and another degree in graphic design from the University U-creativa in San Jose, Costa Rica, in 2010. In 2016 she moves to the United State of America and found not just a dream but a vision. Here she served as an artist assistant in two different studios with well knows artist on the sculptures and Ceramics field, Creating more than 5 life sizes sculptures of 11 men seating in a beam. ( Recreating the famous photograph taken on 1932 of 11 ironworkers sitting on a steel beam during the construction of the Rockefeller Center “Lunch atop a Skyscraper seating in a beam”) and several artistic ceramic swimming pools.
A Professional Artist with extensive experience and excellent eye for detail, extraordinary record of satisfaction with clients and art lovers, having the ability to work under pressure with multiples projects simultaneously.
Working for more than 15 years has a professional artist, that work independently and sometimes in groups. Specialized in different mediums such as drawing, painting, sculpture, tiles, furniture designs, murals, fashion and different other medias, performance, and mediums.
In 2021, she completed a collection of large-scale paintings called "The Beginning of Awake Awareness". Witch converted in NFTs involving digital art world.
Most recently, she’s been developing her knowledge of sculptures, murals, public art and completing large hand-painted swimming pools, and other public artwork experience that includes:
  • 2023 - Completed a public art hand painted aluminum cat sculpture for the Maurice Ferrè Park, Dog’s and cat’s walkway, with the City of Miami and the Bay Front Park administration. - -
  • 2019-2022-Completion of life-size sculptures displayed in public spaces in New York, Missouri, Miami, Guatemala, Canada and China.- –
  • -Private Art Commission a Sculpture of a "Man Working in a Agricola truck", Rochester, NY
  • -“Life sizes sculpture “Iron workers in a beam” (16’ x 8’), Hong Kong, China.
  • -"CEEKAY supply" Life sizes sculpture, Iron workers in a beam, (16’ x 8’), St. Louis, MO.
  • 2018-2020 numerous experimental artworks of Hand-painted ceramics murals for swimming pools in the whole USA, Bahamas, Guatemala, Mexico and Italy.
  • -State commission, Villa di Caltagirone, Artistic fountain (40’ x 40’ ) Hand painted ceramic tiles), Italy, Caltagirone.
  • -Butterflies water" Hand painted ceramic mural for a Pool (34’ x 16’), New Jersey, NY.
  • -Building the prototype of the Largest Hand-painted Swimming Pool in the world- approx. 900 feet long and 300 feet wide. - -

 Based on her portfolio it’s an essential qualification to demonstrate her artistic talent, creativity, self-promotion, perseverance, time management, budgeting and being able to handle the different project with a great attitude. Keeping her self-Training and promoting new skills. She constantly strive to expand her knowledge and for the 2023 she have Public art opportunities has her main goal, to include her artwork in public spaces to be able to increase and enhance people' perspectives of the surroundings and to the art itself. Creating a legacy of artwork and inspiration.

Active, exhibiting artist with an extent portfolio of work available upon request.
A Multifaceted artist always creating.
Artist Statement
I am a proudly self-taught and multifaceted artist looking to find what I call Artistic Freedom, "Create with no boundaries", is my motto. Throughout my career, I've championed a wide variety of media in a never-ending pursuit to create innovative and unique work. My art tends to be abstract and contemporary at the same time, ranging from portraits to intricate geometry, and I greatly value versatility. I do not limit myself to any specific media—it can be painting the bottom of a swimming pool, a ten-foot mixed-media work, a 8000 sq. ft mural, building a piece of furniture with salvaged materials, or a life-size sculpture.
My authenticity and uniqueness lie in bold works that bring vibrancy, inspiration, and joy into people's lives. I find "art speak" useless and embrace this mindset as an artist. My mission is to create artwork that expresses the world around us joyfully and upliftingly and leave my legacy to the world. I also use it as an opportunity to explore the range of possibilities that exist through the subtle choices of color changes, compositions, application methods, surface preparations, etc. Nature is my greatest muse, and I deeply respect our planet. I'm always looking to create with Eco-friendly materials and mind nature conservation.
Daniela Sanchez Vegas