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About Daniela

A Citizen of the World. Was born in Caracas, Venezuela, and is currently living and working in Miami, Florida, USA. Always attracted to colors, started painting and creating art at a young age. From time to time the vary of subject matter with a Versatile, geometry or some equestrian art, but colors and create remain her true obsession. Her artwork is defined by ecological responsibility, positivity, and flexibility.

In addition to her personal art practice, she’s been an entrepreneur as well—while living in Costa Rica 2007-2016, Daniela created “Re-Inventando muebles ecologicos” which translates to “Re-invented ecological furniture.” This company became quickly recognized in Costa Rica due to its merging of artistic and ecological approaches to designing furniture. Through this company, she gives new life to materials that otherwise have been categorized as salvaged or reclaimed materials.

Daniela’s artwork has been included in several exhibitions in Miami, California and New York to date and she actively does commissions, as well, for a variety of commercial and private clients.