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"Intuitive Woman"


"Empowered Women" 2021 Collection 

An Empowered woman transmits a clear message and makes herself understood. She Is influential. ... Not only does she have the professional skills to design her own path, but she also has the necessary attitude to spread her empowerment at all levels and become a benchmark.

 "Intuitive Women"

Acrylic on canvas

Mixed media

40 x 40 Inch.


Women have hunches and intuitions; although experts do not agree on how our brain creates deductive processes. Intuition is like an idea born out of nowhere in which there is not enough apparent information available to reason it. It is a feeling that someone has, without being aware of the reasons why they know what they know. Women know!

Collection made by Daniela Sanchez Vegas & Alexandra Sanchez Vegas

Hand Made
Hand Painted

Hand Wash
Hand washing

Do Not Wring
Don't Squeeze

"Intuitive Woman"