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“Heart of love”


Daniela Sanchez Vegas

“Heart of love” 2019

Mixed media
Acrylic on canvas
36 x 36 inches

Love is difficult because so many have it in backwards they look for as to what love can give them as long as their list of needs are met, they will love in return, but that’s not the way love works, LOVE always looks for what it can give more than what it can get... So love and keep loving / HAPPY DAY 🥰💜💙💚💛🧡❤️✨ “Heart of love” 2019

Helping people in a way or other is something that I deeply appreciate and like to do!
This is a late post,  this was for an event we did for Art Basel with @jarofheartsorg this organization help children overcome trauma thought creating art experience...( by the way thanks for this beautiful experience) @art.mfr thanks for the support ... Some art to make our vibes flow! Loving the memories... @nicklaus4kids

Hand Made
Hand Painted

Hand Wash
Hand washing

Do Not Wring
Don't Squeeze

“Heart of love”