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The beginning of awake Awareness 


It’s a realty we need to be aware and then awake to can take action.

Awareness comes before awakening as we have a choices to awaken or not once we are aware of what is really going on in our reality...!

Discovering awake awareness is key to the transformation of consciousness that leads to our ability to live from freedom, wellbeing, and loving connection...

Awakening is a shift of our identity and also a shift of our way of knowing.

Awakening doesn’t begin by changing our belief system or improving our external circumstances. Awakening begins with shifting out of the way we organize our current mind and identity…

Awake awareness is who we are prior to the personal conditioning we usually turn to for our identity. Rather than looking to our thoughts, memories, personality, or roles to identify ourselves, we learn to know awake awareness as the primary dimension of who we are, the ground of Being. Then, with unconditioned awake awareness as the foundation of identity, we can include our conditioned thoughts, emotions, and sensations as waves of the ocean of our life. When people feel awake awareness as their primary dimension of consciousness, they report feeling an essential wellbeing that is free, loving, and safe...

And like that with constaly growing has a human being!