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Art piece- Re-inventing yourself 2024


Art piece- Re-inventing yourself 2024

Mixed media

Hand painted Leather & Acrylic on canvas

25”x 21” x 1.5" 

"Re-inventing Yourself 2024" is an electrifying testament to transformation, encapsulated within the confines of mixed media brilliance. Crafted from a fusion of hand-painted leather and acrylic on canvas, this piece stands at a formidable 25”x 21” x 1.5", commanding attention with its sheer presence.

Born from the rebirth of a once-loved faux leather jacket, it undergoes a metamorphosis into an emblem of individuality and artistic fervor. Its vibrant hues dance across the canvas, speaking to the soul with an intensity that resonates deeply. Encased within a vintage black frame, it juxtaposes the old with the new, inviting viewers into a realm where tradition meets innovation.

Yet, beyond its aesthetic allure lies a profound narrative of empowerment and introspection. "Re-inventing Yourself 2024" serves as a beacon of self-reflection, urging us to embrace change and forge our own paths with unwavering determination. Each stroke of paint symbolizes a moment of growth, each color a facet of our multifaceted selves.

In essence, this piece transcends its physical form, becoming a testament to the human spirit's capacity for reinvention and renewal. It is not merely art; it is a declaration of resilience, a celebration of the journey toward self-discovery.


Frame is include .

Hand Made
Hand Painted

Hand Wash
Hand washing

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Art piece- Re-inventing yourself 2024